RELEASED: 8 April 2016
ARTIST: Il Paradiso degli Orchi
LABEL: AMS Records
PRODUCER: Fabio Zuffanti
Il Corponauta

The album is a concept inspired by the eponymous book by Flavio Emer. Il Paradiso degli Orchi has masterfully moved Emer’s message into music and words, something that does not fear barriers. Sometimes the band’s adoration towards Yes comes out, some other times we seem to witness a jam between King Crimson and Perturbazione, or in places that remind us of Jethro Tull, The Flamig Lips, Muse and Ozric Tentacles. But these are just impressions: it is very difficult, in fact, to make a real comparison between Il Paradiso degli Orchi and other artists because this band is truly unique and original in these shining 79 minutes of music and sensitivity.

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Il Paradiso degli Orchi