“Il Paradiso degli Orchi” (The Orcs’ Paradise) are a young band from Brescia, active since 2010. Their style is a crossover of different influences: progressive rock, psychedelia, pop, indie, singer-songwriter atmospheres, ethnic hints, electronica. They debuted in 2011 with a self-titled album and in 2014 they began working on a particular and courageous project. Meanwhile, they managed to meet the musician and producer Fabio Zuffanti (tutelary deity of the new Italian prog scene) who, fascinated by the project, has been working closely with the musicians to help them synthesize the ideas, define the songs, choose the right sounds and capture all the best on tape. The result of this process is “Il Corponauta”

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Michele Sambrici – guitars, keyboards & voices

Marco DeGiacomi – drums & voices

Andrea Corti – bass guitar

Sven Jorgensen  – voice & guitars

Andrea Calzoni – flute, sax & voices

Paolo Tognazzi – keyboard

Giacomo Piazza – percussions & noises

Stefano Corti & Iran Fertonani: additional percussions

Il Paradiso degli Orchi