CANADA & USA Tour 2017 – INDIEGOGO Crowdfunding Campaign

We are going to play in Quebec City, Canada, at the TERRA INCOGNITA FESTIVAL. And then we will move in New York to play in New York, Baltimore and New Jersey. This is a great dream for us and we want to play the best show ever! We have faith in the music we play.

So we created an amazing crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo that will help us to have a solid basis and and we would able to organize everything in the better way. TO REWARD YOU we prepared a set AWESOME PERK like exclusive vinyl bags, very special drawings by our drummer Marco, cool handmade lamps by our guitarhero Michele, t-shirts, exclusive songs and recordings, Italian food by Sven & Marco, complete version of our album “IL CORPONAUTA”, secret perks…

Take a look at our campaign on INDIEGOGO and please:

SHARE THIS CAMPAIGN and PdO’s MUSIC with people you know love prog, psychedelic, rock, indie and crossover music!
It’s important be a new kind of audience that directly support music they love!!!

And that’s all !!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


The Story of our last days

In 2012 we promised to our friend Flavio Emer to record an album inspired by his eponymous novel “IL CORPONAUTA” , and we couldn’t retreat because he was a great guy:  Flavio was afflicted with muscular dystrophy since he was a child and he wrote his novels thanks to a particular device called “Obi-Wan Kenobi”. Despite his illness he traveled all over the world, he has been a prolific writer and an avid promoter of art. But unfortunately he passed away before the end of the work, and we are very sad he couldn’t listen to it.

It’s been a long work but at the end we did it!  And IL CORPONAUTA is going great and you can find it all around the world; so we want to do an extra effort despite all, to spread this work more than ever!

We are going to play in Quebec City, Canada, at the TERRA INCOGNITA FESTIVAL, one of the best prog gatherings in the world, 19-20-21 May 2017. And then we will move in New York to play at the ETG Café , in Baltimore at the Orion Studio and in New Jersey at the NJ Proghouse. This is a great dream for us and we want to play the best show ever! We have faith in the music we play. We’ve come this so far!

We will be supported by our producer FABIO ZUFFANTI, a great Italian prog artist, and we play together his songs from Finisterre, La Maschera di Cera, Hostonaten, La Quarta Vittima.  Also Paolo Tixi on drums and Luca Scherani on keyboards will join the band!!!!!    So TWO GREAT SHOWS IN ONE NIGHT !!!!

What We Need & What You Get

We need to rent drum and percussions, guitar/bass amps, keyboards. We need your support to ensure we have the same quality abroad, it’s just not the same without the good stuff. We are a big band: we’ve got drum, percussions, flute, sax, mellotron, synthesizers, bass, two guitars and four vocals.

We will need also to rent a van, pay flight tickets, find a place to sleep.

Our goal is $5000:

$2.500 flight tickets + $1.000 rent a van + $500 instrument + $1.000 eat, sleep &… dream

Amazing and exclusive perks for you!

Your help is very important for us, so we want to reward you with great things, and most of them are as unique and exclusive for this INDIEGOGO campaign!

  • IL CORPONAUTA complete version!!! With all the songs we wrote for this project.
  • PdO and IL CORPONAUTA t-shirts, created just for this campaign.
  • The ORIGINAL BOOK that we used for getting inspiration to write the songs, with notes and  sketches. It’s a great token for us, it means a lot. Great worth. You will have one of the most personal things of the band! You can take home a part of us and Flavio!
  • An UNIQUE and AMAZING HANDMADE LAMPS by the genius of our guitarist Michele Sambrici, made by old transparent plastic tapes!
  • A video JUST FOR YOU with an acoustic performance of one of our songs!
  • An INDIEGOGO ESCLUSIVE digital recording of a long psychedelic jam session by IL PARADISO DEGLI ORCHI. Only contributors will have the bonus!
  • An EXCLUSIVE and UNIQUE SPECIAL DRAWING by our drummer Marco DeGiacomi, with IL CORPONAUTA theme into the most important rock/prog album cover.  Each one will be an unique piece for you! 
  • We know you are vinyl addicted so you will have also an INDIEGOGO ESCLUSIVE VINYL BAG!
  • Also stickers, CD, Italian Food, and others special perks boosts during the campaign! 

The Impact

  • Your contribution will ensure us to have a great tour, because we will then have a solid basis and we would able to organize everything in the better way. It will help us to play brilliant shows, because we will have all things we need! In this way everyone’s a winner: organizers, venues, audience,… and also bands like us will benefit.
  • We’ll be saving money for promotional value.
  • Do you feel bad because music you love doesn’t have the right attention? Do you want see more live shows of this music?  So be in the front line in this new generation of listeners that can directly support bands! Be a part of them!  We will love you and we will honor you with great perks just for you!

Risks & Challenges

It’s our first time in Canada & USA, we know it’s a great opportunity and we have to play beyond expectation. So we are working hard to do it! And with the help of local people we are planning everything to ensure that all the things will work out without unforeseen issues.

Other Ways You Can Help

  • Share this campaign and PdO’s music with people you know love prog, psychedelic, rock, indie and crossover music in general!!!
  • Tell to your friends how it’s important be a new kind of audience that directly support music they love!!!

And that’s all !!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

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